Ariadne Foundation

The Ariadne Foundation is a European Association open to the World, for Knowledge Sharing and Reuse. The core of the ARIADNE infrastructure is a distributed network of learning repositories.
The ARIADNE Foundation was created to exploit and further develop the results of the ARIADNE and ARIADNE II European Projects, which created tools and methodologies for producing, managing and reusing computer-based pedagogical elements and telematics supported training curricula.
Benefits & Services to Members:
  • Users involved:
    • Authors of pedagogical documents: Faculty, Education Managers, Students.
    • Producers & admininistrators of training courses: Trainers, Training Managers, Ped. Engineers.
    • End Users: Researchers; Students, Trainees, Open & Distance Learners.
  • Technologies and/or approach used:
    • Share & reuse of pedagogical components through indexing and storage in knowledge pools.
    • Use of adequate telematics chanels according to situation; use of novel authoring & segmentation tools.
    • Pedagogic components approach, structured curricula; individualized view of course.
  • Expected benefits for the citizen:
    • Better continuous formation schemes.
    • Easier access to formation for a number of disandvantaged socio-geographic categories.
  • Expected benefits for the users of the application:
    • More effective and motivating learning scenarios (learners & trainees).
    • Better productivity and new philosophy of collaboration (authors of pedagogical material).
    • Better communication and co-working schemes (researchers)
  • Expected benefits for the European Industries:
    • Better, faster and more economical entry-level or continuous training schemes.
  • Contribution to EU-policies:
    • Possible factor for harmonizing education & training policies throughout Europe. Important factor in promoting collaboration between European educators and comprehension between European learners.


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